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DDGM Newsletter – December 2015

Wayne District
District Deputy Grand Master’s
December Newsletter

The end of 2015 is only a few weeks away. This will be a busy busy month with Annual Meetings, New Dues Cards, End of Year Reports, Review of Trestle Boards, Scheduling or Re-Scheduling of Degree Work and making Adjustments of Trestle Boards for the next phase of the Masonic Year. Definitely a busy time.

Newark, Palmyra and Marion Lodges were visited in November and received the Grand Master’s Message along with the District News. All was in order and the courtesies received were appreciated. In addition, the Annual Grand Lecturer’s Convention was well attended. Degree work for the Entered Apprentice was exemplified and discussed and every one present learned something that will help a new Mason be introduced to the Fraternity in a meaningful way. Thanks to Marion Lodge for hosting the event.

As we observe this Holiday Season, let us be thankful for our many blessings and think of those who may be in need or in peril. In the midst of Holiday Songs and Joyful Spirits and Gifts, let us not forget that Babe in the manger for whom the day is named.

The last Official Visit in the District will probably have been held before you read this newsletter, It is scheduled for 1 December in Sodus. In case you are not aware of how I chose to close my Newsletter, Here It Comes!!! SUPPORT THE BROTHERHOOD FUND AND THE MASONIC CARE COMMUNITY.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Sincerely & Fraternally
John P Krest

DDGM Newsletter – November 2015

November Article

The cobwebs of Summer have been brushed away and September and October have seen the reopening of all our Quarries and we have all returned to our Labors. Our tasks are upon the Trestle-Boards and it appears we have much to do. We are looking for new members; We are investigating Petitioners; We are Balloting and preparing for the Degree Work ahead. We are overwhelmed with all that we have to do! Am I describing YOUR Lodge? I hope so!!

It would really be wonderful if we could channel all our efforts into what I just described in the above paragraph. We all know that the business of operating a Lodge entails soooo____ much more. Paying the Bills; Upkeep of the Building; Raising Funds; Addressing all those challenges we all face each day, week and month just to keep the doors open. It ain’t easy.

Remember your obligations to your God, your Country, your Neighbor, your Family and Yourself and Always remember that you are a Member of the Greatest Fraternity in the World, and act accordingly. NO ONE could expect you to do or be more.

Official Visits in October were at NorthRose-Wolcott, Savannah, Wayne and Pultneyville. This month Newark will be on the 2nd, followed by Drumlin Square in Palmyra on the 4th and ending in Marion Lodge on the 10th. All meetings will begin at 7:30 PM. Contact your Master and/or Secretary for details.

May you and and your families all enjoy a hearty Thanksgiving Dinner. Remember those brave Pilgrims who came before us, asking the Lord’s Blessing on their 1st harvest and sharing with their Native friends. Remember all those blessings we now enjoy, and think of those less fortunate. In closing I ask your support for the Brotherhood Fund and the Masonic Care Community.

John Paul Krest
District Deputy Grand Master
Wayne District
1944 Maple Ave
Palmyra NY 14522

Master & Wardens – April 13, 2015

Monday April 13, 2015 Masters and Wardens meeting will be in North Rose / Wolcott Lodge # 1187. I am told there will be pulled pork with the trimmings.

Please make reservation to Steve Davenport by calling 315-483-4471 or e-mail kmsbdav [at] rochester [dot] rr [dot] com no later that April 10th. Dinner at the usual 6:45 time.

Richard E. Brewer
Secretary/Treasurer for Wayne District M

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