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Anthony Parcero

DDGM Newsletter – April 2016

Now is the time of year when we can see some light at the end of the tunnel for this Masonic Tear. Degree work is coming to an end and hopefully Senior Wardens who are expecting to advance to Masters of their Lodges are working with their Masters on putting together a Trestle-Board for the coming Year. How time flies. The new District Deputy, District Staff Officer and AGL have begun Training and getting advice for their upcoming Terms of Office. Preparation is the KEY action that all incoming Officers have to address in order to have a successful year.

There are two areas of preparation that I feel is lacking in the District. When Installation of Officers takes place in June, each Elected Officer and Appointee are charged with not only the responsibility of the position they have been elected or appointed to, but they are also advised that they are expected to fulfill the duties and responsibilities of the next senior position. How many of you are prepared for THAT? How many of you are prepared to just fulfill the duties of the position you agree to take? The first meeting in September is too late!!

The purpose of Stewarts and Masters of Ceremony is to gently prepare Brothers to learn smaller portion of the Ritual and look froward to the next higher position and next larger portion of work without the benefit of a “crib sheet”. No open books or crib sheets, except the Monitor, belong in the Lodge Room during a Meeting. Memorization is tough. I know it and I have to work at it myself. I make mistakes and I try to correct them and sometimes I win and sometimes I lose, but I keep trying. I see some throughout the District that try and win also. Maybe not all the way but they keep trying. There are others who only try part way and THAT has to change.

If YOU have trouble learning and need help, ASK for it. If you know a Brother who needs help, OFFER it. We all became Masons for various reasons. We might have admired someone who was a Mason. Someone in the family, (Father, Uncle, Brother. etc.) may have been a Mason and you wanted to follow in their footsteps, Whatever the reason, you chose Masonry and ALL that goes with it. Memorization and good Ritual Work are critical parts. You probably cried when you were a little kid when the alphabet, numbers, spelling, arithmetic where drummed into you and you said “I can’t”. Well, you are all grown up now, and I say you CAN.

I am not a Ritualist and I don’t pretend to be. However, if you need help in learning a part or parts, I may be able to help. Your Lodge or mine. Coffee and a donut, and my time is yours. Time is running short to make your contribution to the Brotherhood Fund and/or to our Masonic Home in Utica. Do it.

John P. Krest

District Deputy Grand Master

Wayne District

DDGM Newsletter – March 2016

My sincere thanks to all those Brothers and wives who participated in the Have-A-Heart event at Eastview Mall. We had a great turnout and some fun times. I hope that the District will continue to be an active participant in the years ahead. Good work for a worthy cause.

Over a period of years as a Master of Palmyra Lodge 248, Drumlin Square Lodge 1180 and also as your District Deputy, I have ended just about all my newsletters with a request for monetary support for the Brotherhood Fund and especially our Masonic Home in Utica. This month, I’m reversing the order of things and my request for your support for these worth causes is right up here in the beginning of this article. The reason being that here is another worthy cause that also requires us ALL to be participants. I realize that we are asked to give, give and give to so many causes that it becomes a real live pain in the behind to hear a request for money every time we look around. And between requests in the mail and telephone calls at all hours of the day from organizations that we not only never heard of before, but have no idea where the money really goes to, it makes it difficult to respond to ONE MORE request for money.

As a Mason and a Brother, you must have heard about, seen with your own eyes or just maybe read about where our Brotherhood Fund monies go and what the Jewel we have in Utica is all about. What are you waiting for? We no longer just support our distressed worthy Brothers, their widows and orphans, but we recognize that our knowledge, abilities and generosity benefit all. So open your wallet, write a check and with as much as your heart and means allow. GIVE.

John P Krest

District Deputy Grand Master

Wayne District

DDGM Newsletter – February 2016

Wayne District

February 2016

At the time of writing this article, the first snow of Winter is rapidly disappearing from the lawn and I wonder what will be ahead on these first days of February. That is one of the several disadvantages of writing a article a month before it is to be published. None of us can see into the future and we can only be hopeful, that what we know should happen and what we think will happen will in fact become a reality. In fact, it will really be our good fortune to be around to see it happen.
The Deputy Grand Master, R:.W:. Jeffrey M. Williamson will have presented the Valley of Rochester Scottish Rite Symbolic Lodge Awards to those Brothers nominated by their Lodges in recognition of their work in the Quarries time and time again, to handle those tasks that always need to be done but that are taken for granted. Painting, Taking care of the Trash, Setting up and Tearing down, cutting the Grass and so on, without complaint. They are the “I can do it” Brothers that never let us down. Congratulations to you all.

The End of Year (2015) Reports were to have been submitted by the 1st of February and a copy submitted to the District Deputy. A reminder to all District Masters and Secretaries that a copy of this report by the District Deputy is necessary to have on hand at Grand Lodge to resolve any discrepancies in record keeping in New York. Many such discrepancies occur every year. I would also remind all District Lodges that Per Capita must be paid by March or sooner. I urge every Treasurer to track the receipt of their Per Capita check and give the District Deputy a copy of that also. “I know I sent it in” doesn’t mean a hill of beans to anyone when your Lodge’s name is read in Grand Lodge as being delinquent. Your new District Deputy does not need his first official duties to be the resolution of what should already have been taken care of.

There are at least 2 days in February that are of great importance. February 8th is Wayne District’s “Have A Heart Day” at Eastview Mall and I hope to see many of you there. We will be participating in this important event to raise funds for the Rochester Ronald MacDonald House. More families in Wayne District have been supported through difficult times by this Organization. The other date is February 14th and don’t forget your Significant Other under penalty of whatever, Forever.

The Brotherhood Fund is off track for the year and needs your support. Don”t forget the Masonic Care community.

R:.W:. John P. Krest

District Deputy Grand Master, Wayne District

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